Oldstyle Tales Press Lists 10 Publishers of Classic Horror

Unearthing the UnearthlyNo, Oldstyle Tales Press does not publish yarns told after consuming a bottle too many of Old Style beer (though I bet beer-lover Vera Van Slyke would’ve had some great yarns to tell). Instead, it’s a very classy publisher of classic supernatural, horror, weird, and similar kinds of fiction.

Michael Grant Kellermeyer, who takes care of business there, has posted a really nice list of ten other presses that similarly reprint 18th-, 19th-, and 20th-century authors working in those genres. It’s a very useful source to locate the best of the type of fiction that I unearth and discuss here at The Merry Ghost Hunter.

And what a great honor to see a book I edited, Giving Up the Ghosts (Coachwhip, 2015), among the volumes represented! That book resulted from my digging around for early occult detective fiction.

I strongly recommend strolling through Michael’s post and, while you’re there, wander through his informative website (with its beautifully creepy moving background!). Click here to find both the post and the website.


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