My Research Led to a Published Anthology

Unearthing the UnearthlyThe research that has led to my Chronological Bibliography of Early Occult Detectives has opened some doors for me. For example, it’s led to my being invited to write introductions to The Dyson Chronicles (Coachwhip, 2014) and to the forthcoming second volume of Occult Detective Monster Hunter: A Grimoire of Eldritch Inquests (Emby, 2016).

In 2015, I selected sixteen of the stories on the Bibliography to create an anthology titled Giving Up the Ghosts: Short-Lived Occult Detective Series by Six Renowned Authors, which was published by Coachwhip Publications. The collection spotlights characters with two, three, or four stories written about them — not enough to fill a book by themselves. Those characters are:

Fitz-James  O’Brien’s Harry Escott
Gelett Burgess’s Enoch Garrish
Algernon Blackwood’s Jim Shorthouse
L.T. Meade and Robert Eustace’s Diana Marburg
A.M. Burrage’s Derek Scarpe
Conrad Richter’s Matson Bell

Okay, technically, that’s seven authors, but is Robert Eustace really renowned? The others certainly are, and I address that in introductions to each author and detective. There’s also a general introduction to series characters, occult detective characters, and what I call “short-series” occult detectives. Along the way, I offer several footnotes on odd or interesting references made in the tales.

Quite likely, it’s the only book featuring short-series characters. Almost certainly, it’s the only book featuring short-series occult detectives.

If you’ve visited my blog site because of my research into — and revision of — the history of occult detective fiction, please consider enjoying this book. It’s available in paperback at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.



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