Spectral Edition Audios Are Now Available Here

Spectral Edition

For several months, I’ve been part of Patrick Keller’s The Big Séance Podcast. I have a small role there, spending about three to five minutes reading from the Spectral Edition ghost reports I’ve found in U.S. newspaper published between 1865 and 1918. (I also post one of these articles here every Wednesday.)

microphone-on-air1I’m pleased to report that I’ll also be heard reading these ghostly articles on Diane Student and Denise Moormeier’s History Goes Bump Podcast. This podcast is especially well suited to Spectral Edition because it combines hauntings and history. With eerie synchronicity, a recent episode of History Goes Bump spotlights Stickney House, a haunted site investigated by my favorite ghost hunter, Vera Van Slyke, in “Dark and Dirty Corners,” found in Help for the Haunted: A Decade of Vera Van Slyke Ghostly Mysteries (1899-1909). Look for my debut on History Goes Bump in the coming weeks.

In the meanwhile, you can listen to previously released Spectral Edition audios right here at the Merry Ghost Hunter. Click here to listen to the thirteen readings that comprise Series 1. There, you’ll see how to get to Series 2, which will expand as those are released on Patrick’s podcast. Once Series 3 starts to appear on Diane and Denise’s show, those will be posted here, too.


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