2016 October Frights Blog Hop; or, the Paranormal and Horror Author Blog Tour


I’ve finagled my way into a paranormal and horror author blog hop, which gathers together about two dozen writers of spookiness. Each writer encourages his or her own followers to visit the blogsites of the others, many of whom are offering free stories or otherwise kindling the Halloween spirit.

Vera Van Slyke and her friend and assistant, Lida Parsell, wish you a happy Halloween!

To do my part in sharing the dread of the coming holiday, I’ll be swapping my current Complimentary Haunting with one more suited to Halloween. Until Friday, you can find a link there to “Houdini Slept Here,” a Vera Van Slyke ghostly mystery that shines a light on one or two of the darker qualities of the title’s magician and escape artist. On Friday, though, I’ll switch that tale with “Dark and Dirty Corners.” It’s another Vera Van Slyke chronicle, but one that many readers agree is noticeably more ghostly and less mystery. It recounts the great ghost hunter‘s investigation of Stickney House, a building whose round corners might have been designed to facilitate séances — or to repel evil spirits — or, just maybe, to serve some more worldly purpose.

Until then, please light a candle and snoop through the dark blogs of other writers of strange and horrific creatures and worlds. You just might find something warmly chilling. Click on the banner below or in the sidebar to find a display of the participating authors with handy links to their sites.



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