A Complimentary Haunting: “Dark and Dirty Corners”


As part of the 2016 October Frights Blog Hop, I now offer an especially Halloweenish free story on my Complimentary Haunting page. The title is “Dark and Dirty Corners.”

Since inheriting my great-grandaunt’s chronicles of Vera Van Slyke, the crusading journalist and ghost hunter, I’ve discovered many pieces of verifiable history in them. Harry Houdini is probably the most obvious. Cook County Coroner Peter Hoffman is less recognizable. A sea captain named Henry Thorn Lord, once a victim of mutiny while serving on The Junior, is a curiously obscure name from real life. (I remain stumped as to how my ancestor, Lida Prášilová, could have known about Lord’s story — unless, of course, she met the man in real life!)

Stickney House still stands amid the rural roads northwest of Chicago, Illinois.

“Dark and Dirty Corners” is another chronicle that leaves me wondering how much fact and how much fiction were interwoven into my great-grandaunt’s manuscripts. Stickney House, the allegedly haunted house at the heart of this case, is entirely real. It’s surrounded with legend and contradictory information regarding when it was built and why it was built with rounded corners. Some say those corners were intended to ease communication with the dead at Spiritualists seances. Some say rounded corners were meant to repel evil spirits.

Inspired by Vera Van Slyke, I’ve offered the idea that, just maybe, there’s an entirely earthbound reason for the rounded corners — added strength for a brick house in tornado country or even easier cleaning and better air circulation inside — but such thinking is pretty dull and disappointing compared to the other theories.

Now, “Dark and Dirty Corners” is anything but dull and disappointing! In fact, it’s one of Vera’s creepiest and ghostliest ghostly mysteries — a perfect read for Halloween! And you can download it in .pdf, .epub or .mobi (Kindle) formats for FREE by following the link on my Complimentary Haunting page.

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