Taking Steps to a Spectral Edition Book

Spectral EditionI spent some of my time off for the holidays organizing the ghost reports I’ve collected for the Spectral Edition project. I separated these authentic ghost reports from U.S. newspapers into folders with titles such as Haunted Roads or Haunted Buildings Other than Houses.

The folders will let me more easily pick and choose the most interesting ghost reports for corresponding chapters of a book. I did a count of the articles I currently have at hand. There are 346 — too many for a single book, I bet. I’m going to have to make some heartbreaking decisions about which ghosts make it into the book and which ghosts get left behind.

An illustration from a ghost report published in the Little Falls Herald on April 20, 1906

Very likely, this book will be my first to be self-published, so I can’t give an Estimated Time of Arrival for it. I have too much learning to do.

Meanwhile, I’ve also recorded the last of my Spectral Edition audios, in which I read selections from those 346 ghost reports (at times, hamming up my delivery so much that it’s, well, spooky). This leaves me with four series, each one comprised of thirteen short episodes. These audios have been spotlighted on the Big Séance Podcast, which features interviews with people exploring a wide variety of paranormal phenomena, and on the History Goes Bump podcast, which looks more specifically at ghosts and history. After each Spectral Edition audio is released as part of those podcasts, I post it here.

Completing the audio version of Spectral Edition should give me more time to focus on the book version it. Of course, I’ll continue to post individual ghost reports every Wednesday right here at the Merry Ghost Hunter.


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