A Ghost Report from the Southern Standard on August 25, 1888

Spectral EditionAn old house in Connecticut has a history of being haunted.

George Greene’s experiences there show that things haven’t changed. Along with unexplained sounds and furniture moving by itself, there’s a “colorless” figure that keeps watch in George’s bedroom when he’s trying to sleep.

1888-08-25 p7 Southern Standard [McMinnville, Tennessee]

Each Wednesday, I post an actual ghost report from a U.S. newspaper published between 1865 and 1917. You can hear me read many of the ghost reports here, readings first heard on episodes of The Big Séance and the History Goes Bump podcasts.

UPDATE: My Introduction is complete along with my transcriptions of 146 ghost reports for Spectral Edition: Ghost Reports from U.S. Newspaper, 1865-1917. Though the book is a good, solid length, I have room enough to add an Appendix that looks closely at the 1871 haunting of Memphis’s Brinkley College — and the debates it sparked about how newspapers should handle such events. Look for updates on my progress here at The Merry Ghost Hunter site and on my Facebook author page.


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