A Ghost Report from the Brownsville Daily Herald on March 19, 1904

Spectral EditionI’ve found several reports of murderers haunted by the ghosts of their victims. It’s easy to attribute this to a guilty conscience. A few of these appear in the “Haunted People” chapter of my forthcoming Spectral Edition book.

But here’s an article that almost fits better into the chapter on “Natural Explanations” — or it would if it offered a clear-cut explanation for Susano Marmolejo’s ghostly visions of a man he had stabbed and left for dead.1904-03-19 p1 Brownsville Daily Herald [Texas]Each Wednesday, I post an actual ghost report from a U.S. newspaper published between 1865 and 1917. You can hear me read many of the ghost reports here, readings first heard on episodes of The Big Séance and the History Goes Bump podcasts.

UPDATE: I’m now at the slow, careful formatting stage with the book version of Spectral Edition: Ghost Reports in U.S. Newspapers, 1865-1917. I’m also gradually learning what’s needed to self-publish the book. All looks good for a pre-Halloween release!


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