A Ghost Report from the Bridgeport Evening Farmer on September 1, 1911

Spectral EditionWas it swamp gas — or something supernatural?

The writer of this report seems to lean toward giving the strange, wandering light seen in Hillside Cemetery a natural explanation.

But it’s not definite enough for this ghost report to have earned a place in the Natural Explanations chapter of my Spectral Edition book.

1911-09-01 p6 Bridgeport Evening Farmer [Connecticu]

Each Wednesday, I post an actual ghost report from a U.S. newspaper published between 1865 and 1917. You can hear me read many of the ghost reports here, readings first heard on episodes of The Big Séance and the History Goes Bump podcasts.

UPDATE: Things are proceeding very well with Spectral Edition: Ghost Reports in U.S. Newspapers, 1865-1917. I have the cover finished (though I’m one to tinker with such things). My wife, an excellent editor, and I are giving the contents a final proofreading before I submit it to CreateSpace.


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