A Ghost Report from the Pacific Commercial Advertiser on December 6, 1901

Spectral EditionThe last chapter in the book version of Spectral Edition: Ghost Reports from U.S. Newspapers, 1865-1917 features reports that provide a natural explanation for what had appeared to be a supernatural event. This report didn’t make it into that chapter because enough of them end with an animal of some kind being mistaken for a ghost.

Like this one, though, a number of the reports throughout the book mention of someone being driven to insanity by a ghostly encounter. I honestly don’t know what to think of these. Should we assume the reporters were exaggerating or outright fabricating the facts . . . or trust them?

1901-12-06 p3 Pacific Commercial Advertiser [Honolulu, Hawaii]

Each Wednesday, I post an actual ghost report from a U.S. newspaper published between 1865 and 1917. You can hear me read many of the ghost reports here, readings first heard on episodes of The Big Séance and the History Goes Bump podcasts.

UPDATE: Today’s the day I’m scheduled to receive the hard copy “proof” of Spectral Edition: Ghost Reports from U.S. Newspapers, 1865-1917. The stuff inside is well-checked, though, so I really only have to check how the cover looks — and hopefully I’ll give the go-ahead. After that, it’s not in my hands how quickly the book becomes available.



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