About Tim Prasil

20160804_125838b&w1My name, Tim Prasil, rhymes with grim fossil. Not everyone can say that.

I’m an editor and anthologist of ghost-related literature, both fiction and non-fiction. My latest book is Spectral Edition: Ghost Reports from U.S. Newspapers, 1865-1917, and it’s available in paperback or Kindle at Amazon in the US or in the UK. If fictional ghost stories are more to your taste, consider Those Who Haunt Ghosts: A Century of Ghost Hunter Fiction, available in paperback at Barnes & Noble or at Amazon in the US or in the UK. There’s also Giving Up the Ghosts: Short-Lived Occult Detective Series by Six Renowned Authors, which is part of Coachwhip Press’s impressive library of occult detective fiction. Same deal. In paperback. Barnes & Noble. Amazon US or Amazon UK.

I’m also a creative writer who first made a tiny ripple in the Internet when Toronto’s Decoder Ring Theatre produced and posted my audio-drama anthology, Marvellous Boxes. Imagine The Twilight Zone for your ears, and all six shows are available to download for free.

My prose fiction focuses mostly on Vera Van Slyke, a journalist from the early 1900s who goes hunting for ghosts — and finds them! Help for the Haunted: A Decade of Vera Van Slyke Ghostly Mysteries (1899-1909) will be published by Brom Bones Books in early 2018. The thirteen interconnected tales there form what one might call a short story cycle or a composite novel. Read The Life and Ghosts of Vera Van Slyke for more information, and find a sample story at A Complimentary Haunting.

I’m still writing the first Vera Van Slyke novel proper. It’s titled Guilt Is a Ghost: A Vera Van Slyke Ghostly Mystery, and in terms of time, it overlaps the previous book. This is why I’m calling the novel a “synquel” to Help for the Haunted.

I can be contacted at timothyprasil@gmail.com.

But let’s talk about you! You are very welcome here at The Merry Ghost Hunter website! Feel free to light a candle and wander the poorly lit halls. There are ghosts galore, sherry waiting in the parlor, and smatterings of silliness throughout.


7 thoughts on “About Tim Prasil

  1. Joe Hinton

    Here’s one I don’t see on your excellent chronological list of ghost dectectives.

    Allen Upward
    The Ghost Hunters, a series of 5 stories in the Royal Magazine in 1905 and 1906. Conveniently, all five stories are in the volume listed as Nov. 1905. Inconveniently there is no index, but they are all in there. It can be accessed on the Hathitrust website. One story (The Haunted Woman) is in Mark Valentine’s anthology The Black Veil.

    The main character is Jack Hargreaves, a real estate agent who buys haunted houses cheap, then solves the ghostly problem to sell for a profit. Most of the heavy lifting is done by his psychic “lady secretary” Alwyne Sargent. They are actually reasonably clever stories, with developing characters.


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    1. Many thanks, Joe! I vaguely recall that Allen Upward had an occult detective/ghost hunter character — and I think The Black Veil was why.

      But I wasn’t able to track down the original stories, and I like to read them over first to see if they fit my definition.

      Your link is really helpful.


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