Spectral Edition – Audio Version – Series 1

These are my readings of ghost reports — actual newspaper articles published in the U.S. between 1865 and 1918 — that have been heard on paranormal-related podcasts.

This page features Series 1, which were heard on the Big Séance Podcast. Find Series 2 here, Series 3 here, and Series 4 here.

The ghost of Molly McGruder, a murder victim, still haunts the streets of a Kansas City neighborhood.

A coffin-shaped mark on a roof won’t go away, a ghost that changes its appearance, and a frightening sound from under a house are the topics of three short ghost reports.

A girl is possessed by a ghost, and another phantom has fun in a club house.

A mysterious and ghostly woman in white bothers those who live near Prospect Hill Cemetery.

A slain woman reappears without her head, and another victim of tragedy returns home.

A desecrated cemetery becomes a site for ghostly wandering.

Was it the ghost of a jealous wife — or a poltergeist?

Not all reporters were serious about their ghost reports.

Two ghosts who walk the rails, fooling those who fear they’ve hit the phantoms.

The wave of ghost reports that I’ve found seem to start with end of the U.S. Civil War, and these two articles are from that year, 1865.

Sometimes, the living are scarier than the ghosts, such as this farmer who made his house out of headstones.

A historic grist mill is to be torn down because it’s believed to be haunted.

A ghost hunt becomes confused and ineffective in this long article.

Find Series 2 here, Series 3 here, and Series 4 here.