Spectral Edition – Audio Version – Series 2

These are my readings of ghost reports — actual newspaper articles published in the U.S. between 1865 and 1918 — that have been heard on paranormal-related podcasts.

This page features Series 2, which were heard on the Big Séance Podcast. Find Series 1 here, Series 3 here, and Series 4 here.

Seeing or hearing a ghost is one thing, but being touched by one is another.

Sometimes, what might appear to be a ghost is something other than a ghost.

Walking through a woods, a man encountered something. But what exactly was it?

A haunted start — and a haunted end — to marriage.

How could a morgue not be haunted?

Two men recount ghostly visions experienced on railroad tracks.

This dedicated police officer doesn’t let his death get in the way of walking his beat.

A phantom climbs the belfry and rings the bells of St. Michael’s Church.

Haunted houses are common enough, but is Easton, Maine, a haunted town?

A phantom train repeatedly appears — running backwards — on the Northern Pacific railroad.

Students learn frightening lessons in these two haunted schoolhouses.

Reports of a ghost on Long Island threaten the summer season.

The spirit of Nancy Weire, a murdered girl, is said to roam the house where she lived — one of the subsequent boarders in that house confirms it.

Find Series 1 here, Series 3 here, and Series 4 here.