Spectral Edition – Audio Version – Series 3

These are my readings of ghost reports — actual newspaper articles published in the U.S. between 1865 and 1918 — that have been heard on paranormal-related podcasts.

This page features Series 3, which were heard on the History Goes Bump podcast. Find Series 1 here, Series 2 here,  and Series 4 here.

Many theaters are haunted — but here are two haunted actors.

One of the strangest ghost reports involves stones thrown, potatoes piled, and clover seed stuffed into a ghost hunter’s mouth.

Two reports about those rare ghosts who, in life, had reached a ripe, old age.

A firefighter, separated from his crew, finds himself in a graveyard where “a white thing” rose from one of the graves.

The Brooklyn Society for the Extermination of Ghosts and Dispelling of Haunted House Illusions has a job to do — regardless of sleep loss.

Reaching beyond my usual time frame for Spectral Edition, I read three ghost report from before and during the American Civil War.

Two articles about two women who reacted to a ghost with tough practicality.

A house doesn’t have to be big — or old — to be haunted. Even a pioneer sod-house might be home to a ghost.

Two articles that simply don’t fit the general pattern of these ghost reports.

You would think that the first requirement for being a ghost hunter is being unafraid of ghosts.

Armed ghost hunters confront a spirited spirit who threatens to shoot right back!

Music is heard where there are no humans. Does that mean ghosts are playing it — or something else?

Reporters were invited to a ghost hunt. Whatever it was they found was certainly ghostly!

Find Series 1 here, Series 2 here,  and Series 4 here.