Spectral Edition – Audio Version – Series 4

These are my readings of ghost reports — actual newspaper articles published in the U.S. between 1865 and 1918 — that have been heard on paranormal-related podcasts.

This page features Series 4, which is currently being heard on the Big Séance Podcast. Find Series 1 here, Series 2 here, and Series 3 here.

A terrible murder that occurred in Room 144 of the Southern Hotel seems linked with ghostly events experienced in that room afterward.

A log house is being torn down — that is, until its phantom inhabitants appear.

Four short articles about four men — haunted by guilt and haunted by ghosts.

A ghost returns to reclaim his brain, which was removed for medical study.

A group of spiritualists conduct a séance at a haunted house in Kansas City.

A ghostly father — and spirit brother — come back to vent their dismay.

Death does not appear to prevent Jean Mareschal from visiting a college library in West Virginia.

What’s worse: the haunted house — or the thousands gathered in hope of witnessing the ghost?

The irreligious Louis Rose haunts, not a house, but an entire neighborhood.

Daniel McLeod, a miner and violin player, was murdered. Death, though, has not stopped McLeod from playing his fiddle.

Find Series 1 here, Series 2 here, and Series 3 here.